PERFORMANCE: The trust’s commissioners have reported that it has six overdue patient safety alerts.

NHS Merseyside’s September performance report states: “Aintree Hospital Trust currently has six on-going alerts which have now passed the deadline date”.

It lists these as the following: 

  • Anaesthetic machines and associated devices. All manufacturers. Deadline date: 25th June 2012
  • Safer spinal (intrathecal), epidural and regional devices Part A: update. Deadline date: 2nd April 2012
  • Minimising risks of mismatching spinal, epidural and regional devices with incompatible connectors. Deadline date: 2nd April 2012
  • Electric traction lifts without motor rooms. Also known as MRL lifts (machine roomless lifts). Deadline date: 23rd Jan 2012
  • Preventing fatalities from medication loading doses. Deadline date: 25th Nov 2011
  • Minimising risks of suprapubic catheter insertion (adults only). Deadline date 29th April 2010