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Webinar: The new normal: how to ensure IT helps the NHS to move forward

The coronavirus pandemic has led to very rapid changes in how the NHS operates and how it interacts with the public. While some of these changes may be temporary, it is likely that others will be long term and will be beneficial to how the NHS delivers its services...

Webinar: How can we make the most of community healthcare services through the pandemic and beyond?

Community healthcare services provide vital out-of-hospital support for thousands of patients each day. During the pandemic, the importance of such care has increased – helping reduce pressure on hospitals and keep patients with long term conditions safely at home.

Webinar: How can the NHS ensure a permanent shift in the way it uses data post covid?

Data has been central to dealing with the pandemic. That’s been true at a national level, but it’s also been true within individual NHS organisations...

Webinar: The NHS workforce in a new world

As the immediate demands of the covid pandemic begin to recede, the NHS will need to assess what the future looks like and what changes made during this time will be embedded in “business as usual” as it moves forward.

Webinar: How can hospitals best manage the booking of outpatient appointments?

When the booking of outpatient appointments is managed effectively, system efficiency and patient satisfaction increases. But it is a complicated process which has become more complex still in recent months...

Webinar: What should be the digital priorities for integrated care systems?

Digital is a core element of the government’s vision for the future of health services in England. As the new integrated care systems (ICSs) roll out, how can they ensure they are addressing the priorities...

Webinar: How to improve staff wellbeing post-pandemic?

The wellbeing of its staff has always been a key issue for the NHS but the covid pandemic has brought the subject into focus like never before...

Webinar: How can technology support the NHS to develop personalised care plans?

The NHS strives to give everyone care designed around their specific needs and adapted to their circumstances. But for some patients this will need to be formalised and written down in a personalised care plan.

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