HSJ Events unite high-level decision makers from clinical and non-clinical backgrounds on a platform that enables discussions, influences change and positively impacts healthcare delivery through carefully designed programmes and invaluable networking opportunities.

12/31/2000 to 11/08/2023
Webinar: Realising the NHS workforce plan – what role might technology and digitisation play?
📅 07/11/2023 🕥 10.30am-11.15am | 📍 Online
What role might technology and digitisation play in turning strategies into a reality? How might technology most effectively support the scaling up of people services in the NHS? How can existing people management systems be further refined? How can the likes of the NHS Digital Staff Passport more swiftly become standard practice?

This HSJ webinar, run in association with ServiceNow, brings together a small panel to consider the answers to these important questions.
12/31/2000 to 11/17/2023
HSJ Awards
📅 16/11/2023 | 📍 London
The most esteemed accolade of healthcare excellence in the UK, the HSJ Awards provide the largest annual benchmarking and recognition programme for the healthcare sector with a vision to look into sharing best practice and improving patient outcomes.
12/31/2000 to 11/22/2023
Webinar: How can medicines optimisation teams drive value and collaboration across the system?
📅 21/11/2023 🕥 10.30am-11.15am | 📍 Online
As a follow-up to the HSJ ICS Medicines Forum, we are delighted that Spirit Health will be hosting a new webinar on Tuesday 21st November.

Medicines optimisation looks at the value which medicines deliver, making sure they are clinically-effective and cost-effective. It is about ensuring people get the right choice of medicines, at the right time, and are engaged in the process by their clinical team.
12/31/2000 to 12/07/2023
HSJ Health & Care Intelligence Congress
📅 06/12/2023 | 📍 Birmingham
The inaugural HSJ Health & Care Intelligence Congress combines HSJ’s understanding of NHS leadership challenges with AphA’s deep knowledge of the transformative potential of analytics and look at how to overcome the dual challenges of generating better data and using it to make better decisions; ultimately lead to delivering better patient outcomes.
12/31/2000 to 02/10/2024
HSJ Digital Transformation Summit
📅 08/02/2024 - 09/02/2024 | 📍 Birmingham
The HSJ Digital Transformation Summit unites technology leaders from trusts, CCGs and ICSs to explore technologies, innovations and improvements that will have a transformative effect on our future health and care system.
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12/31/2000 to 03/14/2024
HSJ Cancer Forum
📅 13/03/2024 | 📍 London
The HSJ Cancer Forum will keep you up to date, connected and supported in maintaining and restoring early diagnosis, referral and treatment levels and getting back on track with improving cancer outcomes.
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12/31/2000 to 03/22/2024
HSJ Partnership Awards
📅 21/03/2024 | 📍 London
The HSJ Partnership Awards celebrates and showcases those collaborations and partnerships driving transformation and improving patient outcomes across the NHS.
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12/31/2000 to 04/20/2024
HSJ Provider Summit
📅 18/04/2024 - 19/04/2024 | 📍 Birmingham
The HSJ Provider Summit gives NHS chief executives the opportunity to share and learn solutions, and receive support, and insight on how they can develop their organisations; both by improving patient outcomes and putting their trust finances on sound footing.
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12/31/2000 to 04/23/2024
HSJ Modernising Diagnostics Forum
📅 22/04/2024 | 📍 London
The HSJ Modernising Diagnostics Forum will deep dive into how improvements in technology, workforce models and the built environment are making a difference across the country, and discuss how these innovations can scale and spread to reduce turnaround and wait times, and ultimately improve population health outcomes.
Modernising Diagnostics Forum
12/31/2000 to 04/24/2024
HSJ Cardio Forum
📅 23/04/2024 | 📍 London
The HSJ Cardio Forum enables you to quiz national leaders on the national vision and unite with 100+ colleagues from across the system to collaborate on solutions to meeting the long-term plan ambitions across prevention, community response and rehabilitation.
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12/31/2000 to 05/15/2024
HSJ Reducing Health Inequalities Forum
📅 14/05/2024 | 📍 Birmingham
The HSJ Reducing Health Inequalities Forum will unite 100+ senior leaders working across the NHS and wider system to discuss short-term tactics and long-term preventative strategies to deal with existing and reduce future inequalities.
Reducing Health Inequalities Forum_Left Aligned Stacked - 258 x150
12/31/2000 to 06/07/2024
HSJ Digital Awards
📅 06/06/2024 | 📍 Manchester
The HSJ Digital Awards celebrate the power of digital products, projects and services to transform care delivery, enhance efficiency, and improve patient outcomes.
Digital Awards_Left Aligned Stacked - 258 x150
12/31/2000 to 09/17/2024
HSJ Patient Safety Awards
📅 16/09/2024 | 📍 Manchester
The HSJ Patient Safety Awards help drive improvements in culture and quality across the NHS by celebrating the teams and the people who, in these times of austerity, pay restraints and workforce shortages, are having to work harder to put safety first.
Patient Safety Awards_Left Aligned Stacked - 258 x150
12/31/2000 to 09/18/2024
HSJ Patient Safety Congress
📅 16/09/2024 - 17/09/2024 | 📍 Manchester
The HSJ Patient Safety Congress brings together over 1000 attendees with the shared goal of pushing the boundaries of patient safety in the UK. Hear from patient advocates on an equal platform and leave with practical ideas to take back to your organisation.
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12/31/2000 to 10/02/2024
HSJ ICS Medicines Forum
📅 01/10/2024 | 📍 London
The HSJ ICS Medicines Forum brings together senior leaders responsible for establishing the new medicines and prescribing operating framework across the ICS.
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12/31/2000 to 10/26/2024
HSJ Integrated Care Summit
📅 24/10/2024 - 25/10/2024 | 📍 Manchester
The HSJ Integrated Care Summit unites senior leaders from across the healthcare system to collaborate and address common challenges across ICSs to achieve better health outcomes across the population.
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