Marketing and Advertising Solutions

We have a portfolio of commercial marketing and advertising opportunities; leveraging our channels and events to reach and engage with our unique audience. HSJ has direct access to senior leaders in the NHS from healthcare policy makers and government cabinet members to well respected CEO's of NHS organisations. With our unprecedented reach in the healthcare market, we interact with more than 200,000 healthcare professionals monthly through our news, events and social media channels. With the plethora of healthcare professionals who are engaged with our brand, we can help you achieve your marketing objectives through our tactical marketing, thought leadership and advertising solutions.


Content Marketing

We provide a variety of different content marketing channels to get your name out there and be seen as a thought leader. Work directly with the HSJ editorial team to co-produce a collaborative reports focusing on a key topic of choice and including a foreword from a representative of your choice.

We can help you gain market feedback by commissioning us to create and run a survey on your behalf, and gain exclusive market feedback and research data.

Work in collaboration with HSJ to create roundtable content and debate on a topic of your choice as well as select guests from our exclusive audience of healthcare leaders. View the video below to find out more.



Get your opinions across and be a thought leader in a subject topic, which will reach the healthcare world with HSJ webinars. We regularly work with clients to create and produce bespoke webinars. We take care of the promotion and production of the webinar, and ensure we get you the desired target audience to view your content. With our services we capture all the registrants that have signed up for you webinar and are fed back to clients ensuring they do not miss out on those important conversations. View the video below to get a taste of what we have to offer.


Targeted online and email advertising

Have the opportunity to reach more than 150,000 users who visit our website every month, by having your brand or product advertised to the desired healthcare target audience. With our range of digital advertising solutions, from "home page take over's" to banner advertising there is no way that your brand will not get noticed.

With our wide range of e-newsletters including four news bulletins, 13 weekly roundups, ten HSJ Local regional digests and 8 specialist expert-briefings newsletters by topic, including Mental Health Matter to NHS Finance. With over 85,000 subscribers receiving these Newsletters from both private and public sectors, there is a greater chance for your brand to be acknowledged in the healthcare sector.

HSJ Solutions Ipad-grey
Type of newsletter Volume average
Breaking News 63,442
Daily News 62,317
Daily Insight 28,777
The Integrator 6,111
Performance Watch 7,250
Mental Health Matters 3,400


We produce a mix of virtual and in-person summits, awards and conferences, allowing for ample opportunity to partner an award category, to sitting alongside thought leaders at the summits. HSJ summits and awards, brings together more than 5,000 senior decision and policy makers offering unrivalled opportunities to network with the most senior level in UK healthcare. View our videos below.



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