FINANCE: Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals Trust is behind by £2m on its year-to-date savings target of £5.9m a board report reveals.

The trust had been predicting a £21.7m CIP this year but now forecasts £17m.

The report said: “The current shortfall is includes £500,000 of pharmacy overspends. These overspends are in part related to increased high-cost
drugs expenditure, offsetting achieved savings through improved procurement and usage. A reconciliation is now underway and this is
expected to be reflected in an improvement of between £300,000 and £500,000 in month five.
“Of the remaining [shortfall] the top three risk areas are emergency care nursing (£700,000), planned care nursing (£200,000) and planned care
workforce (£300,000). However, the forecast in each area has improved due to new in-year mitigations, which will be reflected from month five.