STRUCTURE: Plans for a single commissioning consortium in Barnsley had “stalled”, the PCT reported, as an existing GP group declines to merge.

The PCT board heard in February that, “Outline proposals had been developed to establish a GP Commissioning Executive with delegated responsibility from the NHS Barnsley Board, acting as a federated commissioning forum to bring together all existing GP Consortia arrangements whilst enabling the Consortia to retain their individual identity.

“Whilst initial agreement had been reached on this approach, the negotiations had subsequently stalled and further discussions were planned with the GP community in order to reach an agreed solution. In response to a question the Deputy Chief Executive explained that the Barnsley People’s First Consortium
had declined to join the proposed Commissioning Executive but further meetings would be held in order to pursue the objective of a single commissioning
forum.” The other two GP groups are Barnsley North and the smaller BACTS. The groups’ member practices are mixed with each other geographically. None have yet been named as a pathfinder.