Regular readers may remember that End Game got the willies a few weeks ago when something called @DHMonitoring started following a couple of HSJ’s more high profile tweeters.

After all, the name was a bit creepy, and it did feel a bit like someone had brazenly parked a van with a massive satellite dish on top outside our home.

Still, nothing to hide, nothing to fear.

Perhaps concerned at accusations of “stalking”, the account has now changed its identity to present a friendlier face.

Now it’s called @DHlistening. That’s much better isn’t it? Much less sinister – nobody wants to be monitored, but we’re all in favour of listening. Particularly to patients, post-Francis. Sadly it turns out the DH is using the account to listen to 88 civil servants, journalists and senior health leaders but let’s take things one step at a time.

To make matters worse End Game’s less well known tweeter-contributors are now feeling aggrieved that they’re not being listened to. Where’s the love, DH?