Twitter has provided a little nugget of proof that the old order of strategic health authorities – among other things – is now disintegrating in real time before our eyes.

Tweeting from a Reform event on “healthy innovation”, Robert Harris said he had asked the chief executive of private provider and Hinchingbrooke franchisee Circle, “why does everyone hate you” given the firm’s claims on improving outcomes.

“Wouldn’t answer”, reported Mr Harris, who is still technically director of performance and operations at the Midlands and East SHA cluster, which oversaw the franchise deal.

He went on to describe the company’s claim that for the first time taxpayer cash wasn’t needed to keep them afloat as “tosh”, and a £4m SHA bailout as a “bung”.

Apparently overcome by the Reform fun, he then nuanced his position: “A bunga-bunga party???!!!”

End Game imagines that wasn’t quite what Mr Harris’s Midlands and East colleague Stephen Dunn had in mind when he set up the deal.

Fortunately, Mr Harris went on to clarify his position, helpfully copying in Mr Dunn: “@stephen_p_dunn Dont get me wrong,I am absolutely for innovation & want to encourage market entry & collaboration.”

Thank goodness for that.