Jubilation rang out from Quarry House in the week before Easter as the government announced (curiously, in its response to the Francis report), that the NHS Commissioning Board would be allowed to drop its yawn-inducing title and be known henceforth as NHS England.

Those running the self-described “biggest quango in the sky” – or at least the more trendy among them – hope that, now the organisation’s title includes no tedious description of what its actual function is, members of the public will come skipping up to Leeds and furiously engage with its radical reform plans. Particularly those for replacing all major acute hospitals with whizzy iPad applications.

Sadly, it appears, the celebrations were short lived, as it was discovered that the rightful Twitter handle (“Twandle”) for this beacon of modernity had already been registered.

And which individual would exhibit such puerile pettiness – with perhaps a small amount of prescience – to do such a thing as registering “@NHSEngland” in spring 2012? It was, of course, us at End Game.

The account has since been returned unharmed to the board, we mean NHS England, in advance of anticipated payment in Easter eggs for the team. So tune in for wall-to-wall “bleating on about local clinical empowerment and compassion”, as one @NHSEngland Twitter fan put it.