Tim Kelsey, NHS England’s director for patients and information and End Game stalwart, gave the audience at the HC 2014 conference last week a peculiar insight into the health service’s appraisal system for senior managers.

He told delegates at the health IT jamboree that, as part of his appraisal, he had been asked to detail “how much [he] was contributing fun to the office”.

End Game dearly hopes this was someone in the HR department’s idea of a wee jape to help staff through a boring and largely pointless task. Whoever you are, your manager’s mind was made up about you long ago, and we can’t imagine TeeKay is an exception to the rule.

We also dearly hope that Sir David Nicholson will get the chance to cast an eye over Mr Kelsey’s appraisal before he skips off into the sunset. Regular readers will remember that the Care.data fiasco has provided Sir David with as much amusement as it has the rest of us.

Being senior responsible owner for Care.data is undoubtedly a tough gig but End Game would like to nominate Mr Kelsey as the SRO for fun.