As I approached the desk at the health centre, the busy receptionist asked, “Is it a repeat prescription?” I nodded and she searched through the shoe-box file. “Its Mr McPherson,” she said with out checking whether that was with an “a” or “small c”. Without asking my first name she produced the prescription.

The box was full of prescriptions, hundreds of patients at this busy health centre are on repeat prescriptions, there must be half a dozen or more part-time receptionists and I didn’t recognise this one.

So how did she recognise me? Was this by any chance connected to my blog earlier this week when I referred to my difficulty getting an appointment and having to repeat myself to receptionists, GPs and nurses?

Yesterday afternoon the health centre was closed as GPs, nurses and receptionists were all on a half-day training session. You don’t think they were discussing my blog on, do you? It is accompanied by my photo, after all.