End Game has learned of an underground rebellion looking to sweep away the “old guard” and bring about a new order and a better NHS world for us all.

This insidious group of “heretics and radicals” first caught our eye in the Twittersphere – particularly via the tweets of radical-in-chief Helen Bevan, the chief transformation officer of the NHS Horizons Group.

On further investigation we learn this band of revolutionaries describe themselves as a “grassroots movement”, with no love lost for the traditional NHS “hierarchy”.

Terrifying, heady times surely await. Or do they? It turns out that to join Helen’s iconoclastic militia, one must first sign up and join a ‘School for Health & Care Radicals” run by NHS Improvement and Quality, giving their name, address, and other personal information.

To earn their stripes, the would-be renegades then have to complete five online modules before they become fresh foot soldiers for NHS IQ.

The revolution is nigh. Form an orderly queue.