Doctors who take career breaks should not be disadvantaged by the revalidation process, it is argued.

A video by the Royal College of General Practitioners sets out the conditions for GPs involved in the revalidation process after a career break.

RCGP revalidation expert Professor Mike Pringle said GPs who have kept up to date for at least three years, have had at least 200 half-day clinical sessions over five years and at least three years of appraisals in a five-year cycle, can present a normal portfolio.

Those who do not meet these requirements can put forward any other evidence they have for further assessment, possibly by the RCGP or the GMC.

He said: ‘We recognise that there are many people who have career breaks for one reason or another; be it pregnancy, childcare, illness, or working overseas.

“It’s very important that revalidation doesn’t disadvantage those people and yet, of course, we have to make sure that everyone who is working as a GP is up to date and fit to practise.”