FINANCE: Underchievement on CQUIN goals by Colchester Hospital Foundation Trust has cost it nearly £0.5m so far this year.

A finance and commissioning report said that as of December 2010: “Against a year to date budget assumption of £1.08m the Quarter 3 delivered income is £633k. This represents an underachievement of £450k.”

Commissioning for Quality and Innovation (CQUIN) attaches part of a provider’s payment to performance against measures agreed with the commissioner.

The trust has forecast that it will end the year with £1.03m from CQUINs, representing an underachievement of £414,000 against the budgeted plan.

The board papers said the trust was struggling on three of its six CQUINS: Patient Experience (Local Indicators), Hospital Standardised Mortality Ratios and Referrals to Stop Smoking Service.