Another senior figure has announced he is leaving NHS England.

Professor Robert Harris, who worked as strategy director in the policy directorate underneath Bill McCarthy, announced on Saturday via social networking site Twitter that he would be leaving.

He wrote: “Having joined the NHS Commissioning Board [the previous name for NHS England] nearly two years ago and for [the] past year led NHS England strategy work, have decided now is good time to move on to new challenges.”

He added: “Having started the national Call to Action debate, I now want to play a part in effecting real transformation closer to the front line.”

He did not say where he was going but said “The plan is to stay in healthcare, but in a greater rolling-up-my-sleeves kind of way.”

Professor Harris is the latest in a string of senior figures to signal plans to leave NHS England. National director for policy Bill McCarthy, national director of HR Jo-Anne Wass, and chief technology officer Alex Abbott all announced their departure in March.

A spokeswoman for NHS England said: “On Friday Robert made the decision to resign with immediate effect from his position as director of strategy at NHS England. This was a personal decision unrelated to the work of NHS England.”