FINANCE: The south London commissioning organisation is planning a total disinvestment of £3.4m on its block contract with its local mental health trust over the current and next two financial years.

A three-year strategy document from the South London and Maudsley Foundation Trust showed that across their four main commissioners they had planned on a total disinvestment of £6.6m this year, with £8.2m and £8.3m coming out in each of the subsequent years.

For NHS Croydon this amounts to £700,000 for 2011-12, £1.5m in 2012-13 and £1.2m in 2013-14.

This is in addition to what the trust anticipates losing through the 4 per cent deflator in the Department of Health’s 2011-12 operating plan.

The report said 80 per cent of its income comes from these PCT contracts and it anticpated overall income falling from £370m this year to £331m in 2013-14.