STRUCTURE: Cumbria Partnership Foundation Trust and NHS Cumbria have drawn up a provisional list of properties that could be transferred to the FT, following its takeover of the primary care trust’s community services.

The primary care trust’s latest finance report states: “During September the PCT has worked jointly with CPFT to identify a list of properties that could be subject to any such transfer, and a joint submission has been provided to [strategic health authority NHS North West] with a provisional list of assets to be transferred.”

The agreement follows the publication of Department of Health guidance, which states that trusts and foundations “are to be given the opportunity to acquire part(s) of the PCT estate deemed ‘service critical’, being integral to the provision of community services commissioned from these NHS bodies”, the report explains.

Trusts requesting transfer will be required to take the whole of the estate deemed service critical, unless plans exist to dispose of a property or if occupation on temporary or short term basis, it notes.

The provisional list CPFT has agreed with NHS Cumbria is as follows:


Victoria Cottage Hospital Maryport & Maryport Clinic
Maryport Clinic
Millom Hospital
Mary Hewetson Cottage Hospital (Keswick)
Penrith Community Hospital(inc Beacon/Lonsdale/maternity)
Brampton War Memorial Cottage Hospital
Abbey Road Clinic Barrow
2-8 Tynefield Drive, Penrith


Wigton Community Hospital
Birchwood GUM Clinic Barrow


Barrow Dental Access Centre
1a Haverflatts Lane, Milnthorpe
Abbey View, FGH
Hoops Gym, Barrow
Abbotsvale Community Centre
Capital Building, Hilltop Heights, Carlisle
Dental Education Centre, Carlisle
Reiver House, Carlisle
Herdwick Suite, Carlisle
Murley Moss


The report notes that there are “a number of technical issues that remain unresolved” around the proposed transfers and “further clarity has been requested from the SHA”.