WORKFORCE: Almost no staff intend to leave NHS Derbyshire cluster before March 2013, an analysis of 368 questionnaires has shown.

In total 368 out of 513 questionnaire forms to staff have been returned.

A preliminary analysis of the questionnaire confirms that:

  • Almost no staff intend to leave the cluster prior to March 2013.
  • Only a handful of staff are anticipating retiring prior to March 2013
  • Few have made any comments on any training or qualifications they would feel would be beneficial. This would suggest that some further support from the cluster is required to support staff.
  • A number of staff did respond to the question regarding personal restrictions for new office locations.  Many reported carer/childcare responsibilities and additional travel costs.  Some staff mentioned transport difficulties and that longer travel distances may result in it being economically impractical to work the same part time hours. These matters will be kept under close review and support provided where appropriate.

To date, staff have been aligned with roles as follow;


DirectorateGrand TotalCountyCity
Erewash CCG             532
Hardwick Health CCG21210
LA City31823
LA County72720
NHS CB41347
North CCG58526
South CCG773938
Grand total552386166