PERFORMANCE: The primary care trust latest performance report shows 8.65 per cent emergency readmissions within 30 days of discharge, against a target of less than five per cent.

The NHS Merseyside PCT cluster report states that the Mid Mersey Urgent Care QIPP (quality, innovation, productivity and prevention) programme is sponsoring a number of project work streams, which “focus in part on reducing emergency admissions and readmissions”. These included alcohol, COPD pathway re-design, and intermediate care and reablement.

It added: “At present given the need for more detailed patient level analysis and redesigned or enhanced services, winter is going to offer challenges to this
target. However plans are underway to offer solutions to complex cases within the remit of Tripartite Formal Agreement [between trusts and the Department of Health on their routes to foundation trust status].

“Community providers are also engaged in the redesign of community criteria to support the more complex patient needs. These services will take time to embed therefore an amber rating is forecast until [the second quarter of] 2012-13.”