Congratulations HSJ, for exposing the inverse care law operating across the UK, and Brent in particular. It is precisely in the most deprived areas like Brent that the census-based data which feeds the funding formula most underestimates the true population that the local NHS strives to serve.

We have long been calling for a radical overhaul of the way money is allocated to primary care trusts. The most accurate measure would be to base it on GP practice lists, as real practice staff see real, live patients.

Why does this administration prefer to starve deprived areas of NHS funding? Because it fears a Pandora's boxful of demand from local authorities and other public services funded by a similar formula.

It is more convenient for governments to deny the true cause of postcode lotteries than to provide care equitably to all citizens. They prefer to dump the problem on PCTs, and those providers of care that Londonwide local medical committees represent. They can and must do better.

Dr Michelle Drage, joint chief executive, Londonwide local medical committees