WORKFORCE: Luton and Dunstable FT has admitted it has now has “less confidence” in its plans to reduce workforce expenditure as part of its efficiency savings.

The FT had previously proposed £2m of workforce savings as part of a £15.9m effiiciency target for 2011-12. The proposals included freezing incremental salary progression.

The trust’s February update of its quality, innovation, productivity and prevention (QIPP) programme, released under the freedom of information act, said: “Negotiations are underway with local union representatives to engage on all issues and further discussions are planned.”

The document added: “We now have less confidence that incremental and threshold freezes will be accepted by the main unions nationally. This poses to be a significant threat to the achievement of the £2m target for workforce reforms, with the remaining schemes scheduled to deliver £1.3m”.

It said as a result the QIPP team have “redirected some of their energies to focus on understanding and controlling the medical and nursiong agency spend which is on track to exceed £7m for 2010-11”.