FINANCE: The primary care trust has revised down its required efficiency savings by almost a quarter, following the release of the NHS operating framework.

Board reports said the amount that would have to be saved in the local health economy, as part of the quality, innovation, productivity and prevention (QIPP) scheme over the next three years, would be £56m rather than £74m.

Chief executive Angela McNab’s report to the February board meeting said the PCT was “on-track” to make £7.8m of savings this financial year.

She said: “We have also received positive feedback from the strategic health authority in the East of England on the recently submitted draft plans for 2011-12 to14-15.

“Reflecting changes in the NHS operating framework, and recently announced PCT allocations, the revised draft QIPP plan now addresses a revised financial challenge for the health system of £55.84m against the previous reported £74m.”

The board papers said the change would only affect the PCT’s savings target and providers goals would remain unchanged.