FINANCE: The Mid Essex primary care trust has identified issues with it efficiency planning for the 2011-12 financial year.

The PCT’s quality, innovation, productivity and prevention (QIPP) update to the March board meeting said: “Planning is now well under way for delivery against the 2011-12 QIPP target.”

But under “risks/issues”, the report included a long term conditions “workstream” which has a “gap of £1.3m”. It said: “Most disease specific areas have been exhausted, next push to focus on integration with primary care.”

The report also said an urgent care workstream “requires implementation of new services to achieve projected savings”, and warns of a similar shortfall to the long term conditions area.

“There is some risk that implementation may not be deliver as scheduled. A review of plans to assess risk will be undertaken. There remains a gap of £1.3m after delivery of current plans,” it says.

The report added that “decommissioning” was showing “significant risk to delivery”, with a £2m gap, and that “community productivity requires services to be decommissioned to value of £1.18m”.

It said the PCT was in the process of signing off individual QIPP plans with providers.