FINANCE: Clinical commissioning groups in south east London are working on a plan that could see elective orthopaedic work concentrated on two sites.

The six CCGs are in the “pre-consultation ” phase of an exercise that could see the number of sites where this work is performed reduced from the current eight.

The CCGs are:

  • Bexley;
  • Croydon;
  • Greenwich;
  • Lambeth;
  • Lewisham; and
  • Southwark.

The model could end up looking like that in south west London, where CCGs have concentrated a lot of elective orthopaeedic work in one centre.

A report to the governing body of Lewisham CCG said the eventual model in south east London would retain day case and trauma services at their current sites.

It added the move could also “create an orthopaedic network approach for procurement and service design [and] a business model which ensure[s] the financial benefits of consolidation benefits all providers rather than creating ‘winners and losers’”.