PRIMARY CARE: Services by a GP practice in south London have been suspended over patient safety concerns despite it being rated good by the Care Quality Commission last year.

The CQC took enforcement action against the Avicenna Health Centre in Southwark last month. The regulator told the practice that it would have to stop seeing patients for up to three months.

The practice had been rated as good by the CQC in March 2015.

Avicenna Health Centre is a single handed practice with a patient list of 3,000. All patients have been transferred to the nearby Aylesbury Medical Partnership.

A statement from Southwark Clinical Commissioning Group said: “Following a recent inspection, the CQC has taken the decision to temporarily suspend services at Avicenna Health Centre with effect from 6.30pm on 13 May 2016 for a period of up to three months.

“This means that Dr [Rashid] Kadhim will not be providing primary medical services at the practice during this period.

“High quality and safe patient care is the top priority for joint commissioners of primary care services in Southwark – NHS England and NHS Southwark Clinical Commissioning Group.

“We have put in place immediate care taking arrangements through the Aylesbury Partnership to ensure all registered patients can continue to see a GP and get all the normal services they would expect.”

The CQC will publish a full inspection report for the practice shortly.