STRUCTURE: A new system of post-natal care will be established in North East Lincolnshire from next month.

The team of community midwives based at Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital will be providing a post natal care service from local authority children’s centres in the area, from May 2.

This will replace the current practice of having to wait at home for the community midwife to visit.

The trust said it hopes this change will provide more continuity for the women with the care being delivered by the community midwife who has seen them during their pregnancy.

All women will have the first visit in their home. At this visit the midwife will discuss postnatal care and provide appointments for care to be continued at the nearest children’s centre. Home visits will still be provided for women with mobility problems.

Community Manager Julie Dixon said: “This is an exciting time for the community team we are looking forward to enhancing post natal care in the Grimsby, Cleethorpes and Immingham areas to give more continuity of care for our women.

“We enjoy good links with the staff of the children’s centres and hope together to give better individualised care for the new mum and her baby.”