FINANCE: Efficiency plans in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire were both falling short of target at the end of 2011-12.

Primary care trust cluster board papers show that in Buckinghamshire, quality, innovation, productivity and prevention saves were £423,000 below plan, with a £559,000 underachievement expected by the end of the year. Urgent care savings were forecast to stall £1.5m – or 21 per cent – short of target.

In Oxfordshire, the forecast under-performance was £1.2m – “mainly on schemes associated with reducing demand across secondary care”. Planned care savings were only forecasted to deliver 47 per cent of expected savings, resulting in a gap of £3.8m.

However both PCTs were predicting they would achieve their target surpluses for the year. In Buckinghamshire, this was thanks to the release of £4.6m of bail-out funding.