Chris Brinsmead, president, Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry

Life as president of the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry, the pharmaceutical trade body, has become very interesting this year, with fierce debate raging about how drugs should be paid for by the NHS.

Mr Brinsmead has been credited with building bridges following the significant falling out between the pharmaceutical industry and government over the issue.

He is involved in all discussions about new drugs and their cost and has been described as “the silent hand of the industry behind the scenes”.

The association has been negotiating with the Department of Health over a new pricing scheme for drugs which is likely to have wide-ranging consequences for the health service, particularly as clinical emphasis shifts from operation-style interventions to drug based treatments. Mr Brinsmead’s 20 years in the industry will stand him in good stead, especially as he specialised in oncology drugs at AstraZeneca.