STRUCTURE: The future of GP services for around 10,000 people in central London has been thrown into doubt, with the contractors for three practices set to stop providing services.

Soho Square General Practice and Milne House Medical Centre are currently run by Central London Community Healthcare Trust.

The trust has given six months’ notice to terminate its contract and will stop managing the practices in September.

West Two Health is a single-handed GP practice, and the GP is retiring in September. The individual has decided to sell the premises.

Soho Square has 4,000 patients, Milne House 2,500 and West Two Health 3,500. The populations are particularly diverse.

A spokeswoman for NHS England’s London area team said it was deciding whether to re-procure the contracts or find new practices for the patients in the area.

The NHS England spokeswoman said: “We are committed to ensuring that all patients have access to a full range of GP services and are currently reviewing all options for the future of Milne House Medical Centre, Soho Square General Practice and West Two Health.

“We are looking at existing GP services in the area, to establish the viability of either re-procuring the contracts or dispersing the patient list, and reinvesting into existing primary care services.

“NHS England (London) has made no formal decision about the future of these services.

“We are committed to proactively engaging with local residents and will be undertaking an engagement process which will run for 28 days, until 28 July. During this time we welcome the views of anyone who is concerned about potential changes to these health services. After this engagement phase, the NHS England Primary Care decision making group will review all outcomes and options and make a decision on the future of these services.”

A spokesman for Central London Community Healthcare Trust said: “As part of our routine business planning, we have decided that we no longer wish to provide this service and we have, therefore, given notice, as required.

“We will continue to run a wide range of other community services in Soho, including the popular walk-in centre, and in the areas around Milne House near Paddington.”