COMMERCIAL: The Suffolk primary care trust has agreed a £3m contract to refurbish its Hartismere Hospital in Eye.

A paper was presented to the PCT’s March board meeting “to ratify a recent action taken by the chair and chief executive under delegated powers to approve the recommendation that NHS Suffolk enter into a contract with R G Carter to commence the main refurbishment works at Hartismere Hospital at the agreed contract sum”.

The works were expected to begin on the community hospital in March. The contracts value had previously doubled to £3m after it was decided that the existing hospital would be refurbished as well as a new stand alone facility built.

The paper added: “It was established that a ‘staged’ refurbishment of the main hospital with staff in situ would not be possible due to two main factors, 1. The building is laden with asbestos and 2. Services coming into the site cannot be switched on and off in ‘zones’ meaning periods of complete shut down of power and water would be inevitable.”