PERFORMANCE: Tameside Hospital scored “significantly worse than average” against 15 questions in the 2012 NHS inpatient survey, results published this week show.

Among these, it scored significantly worse than average on whether the inpatients surveyed believed there were enough nurses in the hospital to care for them, whether they had confidence and trust in the doctors treating them, whether they felt overall they were treated with dignity and respect at the hospital, and how they rated their overall experience as a patient.

It also scored significantly worse than average on the following questions:

  • From the time you arrived at the hospital, did you feel that you had to wait a long time to get to a bed on a ward?
  • Were you offered a choice of food?
  • When you had important questions to ask a doctor, did you get answers that you could understand?
  • How much information about your condition or treatment was given to you?
  • Were you given enough privacy when being examined or treated?
  • Do you think the hospital staff did everything they could to help control your pain?
  • Before you left hospital, were you given any written or printed information about what you should or should not do after leaving hospital?
  • Did a member of staff explain the purpose of the medicines you were to take at home in a way you could understand?
  • Did the doctors or nurses give your family or someone close to you all the information they needed to care for you?
  • Did hospital staff tell you who to contact if you were worried about your condition or treatment after you left hospital?
  • Did hospital staff discuss with you whether you may need any further health or social care services after leaving hospital?