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WEBINAR: Improving patient flow to help tackle the elective backlog

Thursday 21 July 2022 – 10.30am-11.15am

Patient flow will be one of the big challenges for NHS managers over the coming year. Ensuring that patients move swiftly through a hospital is vital to avoid blockages at A&E – including ambulance handover delays – and to make best use of available bed capacity. Without this, trusts will struggle to meet the target for increasing elective work and reducing the backlogs of patient needing procedures.

Small scale building projects can play a part in this – and, with capital in the NHS limited, many trusts will not be getting larger investments. These smaller projects can provide an extra ward or bay, more cubicles in A&E and additional ICU space.

But a smooth-running facilities management team can also help to improve flow – with porters available to transfer patients at short notice and cleaning designed to turnaround beds as soon as possible.

This HSJ webinar, in association with Sodexo, will ask:

  • How severe are patient flow issues in the NHS at the moment and what are their impact?

  • Given the current situation, what can trusts do to help improve flow?

  • What part can estates and facilities providers play in this?

  • What role can other non-clinical initiatives play in tackling the elective backlog? And how well placed are estates and facilities partners to work with trusts to deliver them?



Simon Lilley, director of marketing and strategy, Sodexo Healthcare

Mr Lilley was previously commercial director at NHS Vanguard Yeovil District Hospital Foundation Trust. He is recognised in the healthcare sector for the development of commercial partnerships, introduction of technology to drive transformation, and being an early advocate in the NHS for use of population health analytics into the care continuum.


Alison Moore, contributor, HSJ

Alison is an HSJ correspondent covering the South East (where she lives) and ambulance services nationally. She has worked in health journalism, mainly as a freelance, for many years and was previously deputy editor of a magazine for doctors.


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