STRUCTURE: The Marling Way Surgery has closed after NHS West Kent removed its senior partner from the local performers list.

The primary care trust removed Dr Navin Naran Zala from the performers list on 10 August after a tribunal rejected his appeal, and follows his ongoing suspension by the General Medical Council.

Dr Zala was suspended by an interim orders panel of the General Medical Council in August 2009. This was renewed in February, although a full investigation has not yet to take place.

According to a statement issued by NHS West Kent: “On the 10 August 2011 the First Tier Tribunal (Health, Education and Social Care Chamber) Primary Health Lists, upheld the decision by NHS West Kent to remove Dr N.N. Zala from the PCT’s Performers List and accordingly, the PCT has took action to remove him from the list with immediate effect.

“On 22 August Dr Zala took the decision to dissolve the partnership that runs the Marling Way Surgery, and as a result the practice closed down as of 7.30pm on Monday 22nd August 2011and will not be reopening.”

The statement added: “NHS Kent and Medway immediately put in place alternative arrangements for the management of the Marling Way Surgery patient list. Our first priority is to ensure the continuing care for the patients and we are currently in the process of reallocating all patients to new practices local to them.”

The PCT said it would be writing to patients on 25 August explaining the situation and giving them details of their new GP practices.