FINANCE: NHS West Sussex has revised its end of year forecast to a loss of £14m, instead of the £12m surplus in its original plan.  

The primary care trust, which is part of the Sussex cluster, originally forecast a year end surplus of £12.8m.

However, after the first four months of the financial year ending on 31 July, the PCT has revised this to a risk adjusted loss £14.2m.

The current year to date surplus is now £1.3m compared to the plan of £4.3m. This is the result of a shortfall on capital improvement programmes and quality, innovation, productivity and prevention schemes.

It has a total budget for 2011-12 of £1.2bn.

Board papers said: “A detailed review is currently being undertaken of all budgets and expenditure in order to manage specific risks and to identify all potential opportunities. The relevant mitigations and savings plans are being agreed and worked up with the relevant executive team members and budget holders.

“The PCT is working with providers to ensure the local health economy risks are identified and managed collectively in addressing the opportunities/savings.”