PERFORMANCE: Western Sussex Hospitals Trust’s sustainable development management group has identified a need to take into account environmental factors when procuring new equipment.

According to the trust’s annual report on sustainability, presented in March, it was realised it was “necessary to integrate sustainability into assessments of new equipment during the procurement phase”.

“This would ensure that the environmental performance of buildings was not undermined by equipment later installed within them,” the papers stated, adding that the trust’s facilities and estates team was working with its procurement team “to achieve this”.

The board was also told of sustainability successes during 2012-13. These included replacing conventional light fittings with more efficient light-emitting diode lights.

Work was also undertaken in a plant room below the waiting area in Worthing Hospital’s endoscopy unit, which reduced the temperature in the room above by 10° and cut fuel consumption by controlling heat wastage.

The papers added: “The board recognised the ongoing importance of improving the trust’s sustainability performance, for the benefit of the environment but also of the organisation by reducing energy bills and carbon saving tax payments.”