Almost £1bn has been paid out in redundancy packages as part of the restructuring of the NHS, according to new figures.

Some 1,300 senior managers have received six-figure sums, while 173 officials have taken home at least £200,000, after their positions were scrapped.

More payouts are set to be made in coming months, with some departing chief executives set to receive as much as £1m if they do not take a job in the newly restructured set-up.

The chief executive of Midlands and the East Strategic Health Authority Sir Neil McKay is set to receive a mostly tax-free lump sum of £1.01m if he chooses not to take a new NHS job.

Sir Neil, who earns £230,000 a year, has a pension pot of £2.4m, from which he could take £465,000 in redundancy and £549,000 in cash.