PERFORMANCE: Delayed transfers of care have increased “significantly” at 2gether Foundation Trust due to the lack of availability of social care or housing packages.

A report to June’s board meeting revealed that during April there were 21 delayed transfers resulting in 8.8 per cent of available bed days being lost during the month.

The report continues: “Since then there has been a gradual improvement with the total number reducing to 13 in mid June. This has resulted in a reduction in lost bed days to 6.5 per cent in May and a projected further reduction to around 6 per cent by the end of June.”

Under Monitor’s 2011-12 reporting definition, which excludes delayed transfers due to non NHS causes, the mental health trust, which provides services in Gloucestershire and Herefordshire, would be reporting a zero return as all of the delayed transfers appear to be due to the non-availability of social care or housing packages.

The report states: “New guidance is being issued to inpatient units alongside a review of the process by which responsibility is allocated for each delayed transfer.

“This is needed due to the absence of formal review panels similar to those that exist in the general acute sector where responsibility is formally agreed between all agencies involved.”