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Jeremy Hughes

We need a ‘people force’ rather than just a ‘workforce’

Jeremy Hughes on how to keep volunteers involved in health and care

Andy Cowper

Cowper’s Cut: Appearances matter

Andy Cowper shares his insights on the hot topics of the past week.

henry anderson 3x2

Letter from Scotland: the politics of the pay rise

In his regular missive from north of the border Henry Anderson shares his insights on Scotland’s NHS pay rise and the politics behind it

Andy Cowper

Cowper’s Cut: Don’t blow it

Andy Cowper shares his insights on the hot topics of the past week.


Pandemic has reinforced the need to ‘get a move on’ in tackling racial inequality

Rob Webster and Fatima Khan-Shah shed light on the ambition of further creating an equitable, fair and safe environment that promotes ethnically diverse talent.

lou patten 3x2

Legislation must require clinical and lay members on ICS boards

With the DHSC’s bill brought forward in Parliament, health leaders have raised concerns with the NHS Confederation which require the government’s attention, writes Lou Patten

Gill Green 3x2

There is no such thing as a perfect digital strategy

A good digital strategy is about inspiring people to transform services and create alignment, writes Greater Manchester Mental Health FT’s Gill Green

Andy Cowper

Cowper’s Cut: The PM’s hymn to greed marks an unhappy anniversary week

Andy Cowper shares his insights on the hot topics of the past week.

Claire Fuller 3x2

The six steps the NHS needs to take to win the covid 'peace'

Claire Fuller gives six themes the NHS needs to focus on during these challenging times to transform services, relationships and outcomes

Andy Cowper

Cowper’s Cut: Cohort penetration, as the covid-19 2021-22 cash is sort of sorted

Andy Cowper shares his insights on the hot topics of the past week.

Leanora Volpe 3x2

Reconsidering the approach to regulating NHS services

Learning from the experience of the covid-19 pandemic offers an opportunity to strengthen a new and constructive dialogue between providers and the bodies that regulate them. By Leanora Vlope

Richard Sloggett 3x2

The difficulties of the government’s health reforms are starting to emerge

Richard Sloggett, former special adviser to the Secretary of State, shares his views on the reforms proposed in the Health and Social Care Bill

jules payne

The NHS is sleepwalking into a cardiovascular catastrophe

Cardiovascular disease has received a concerning disregard during the pandemic, which will mean a looming avalanche of strokes and heart attacks over the coming months and years, warns Jules Payne

A mans hand pressing a futuristic computer screen

The NHS has not ‘sealed the deal’ with the public on increased use of technology

New research findings suggest policymakers will need to engage with the public and staff to give grounds for future changes and help build confidence about technology-enabled care, notes Tim Horton

Dame Clare Marx - high res photo

The pandemic has given us a playbook for doing things differently

The past exhausting year has shown us the crucial importance of equipping doctors with the leadership skills they need to deliver first-class care, says Dame Clare Marx

Andy Cowper

Cowper’s Cut: The Government’s fetish for throwing money at Test And Trace

Andy Cowper shares his insights on the hot topics of the past week.

Dr Virginia Davies 3x2

How to better help children needing mental healthcare in acute trusts

Unless the CQC adopts some kind of bare minimum mental health staffing level measure, we will continue to fail children, young people and families in acute trusts. By Dr Virginia Davies

Rob findlay

England just weeks away from a national 52 week waiting times breach

And then we won’t know how long waiting times really are. By Rob Findlay

Mark Lever

NHS leaders don't understand the value of volunteers

Results from a national survey show a low understanding of the impact of volunteering amongst NHS senior leaders, leading to a reluctance in bringing volunteers back to hospitals. By Mark Lever, Helpforce CEO