Pathology services are set to transform over the next few years - but what shape will they take and what practical problems will organisations encounter? HSJ puts together an expert panel to answer your questions in a live online Q&A session.

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A recent HSJ round table debate delved into the maelstrom of issues organisations will face as they try to bring about change. These included

  • getting the right workforce in place to deliver the services needed
  • how to retain the crucial input of pathologists into clinical care, while reducing costs through economics of scale for the basic processing tasks
  • the challenges of providing pathology services for different customers with different needs such as GPs and acute trusts
  • working with commercial partners so that everyone benefits
  • how quality can be defined, measured and ensured.

Now, this HSJ online question and answer session, in association with Roche Diagnostics, will enable you to put your questions to a panel of experts.

When? 10:45am, 17 November 2011

Where? Your computer

What do I do? Register now, and visit the HSJ TV channel at 10:45am on 17 November


  • Ian Parfrement, director of hospital IVD and molecular diagnostics at Roche Diagnostics
  • Dr Hemal Desai, clinical adviser to national clinical director for pathology and pathology transformation lead at NHS East of England
  • Jill Rodney, chief executive of the Institute of Biomedical Science