The Department of Health’s managing director of provider development has said the new arrangements for getting non-foundation trusts authorised will be published soon.

In an announcement on the DH website Ian Dalton said: “In the coming weeks I will set out a framework for getting the remaining trusts to FT status, and the support we will provide to help them to do this in the next three years.

“Some trusts will find it easier than others to achieve FT status. If some trusts cannot continue in their current form, the framework will describe how the services they provide may be managed in future.”

The Provider Development Authority which will manage non-foundations is due to start work in April 2012.

Non-foundations were due to get ratification of the timetables they submitted at the end of November for achieving foundation status.

The reply will set out “practical actions” to becoming either a stand-alone organisation or for taking “a different organisational form.”

The 2011 Operating Framework published in Decemeber said the authority will be dissolved once there was an all-foundation trust sector by April 2014.

Mr Dalton added: ”At the same time as helping to transform the role of providers, my team is working closely with Monitor to develop its new important role as economic regulator for health and social care charged with overseeing the new ‘open market’ in health care.

“We will see a regulated market of providers with greater freedoms to innovate. We will encourage the establishment of new providers of care to NHS patients, including social enterprises and the independent sector so that we can continue to drive up the quality of NHS services through greater choice for patients and their GPs.”