The Foundation Trust Governors Association has called for the Care Quality Commission to assess the quality of governors.

The proposal would mean a trust could potentially lose its registration with the regulator if it could not prove its governors met quality standards.

The request comes after the Health Bill confirmed plans in the white paper to strip Monitor of its role assessing governance in the foundation trust sector.

The move means governors rather than the regulator would be ultimately responsible for safeguarding the public’s investment in the trust.

Chair Sharon Carr-Brown said: “There is no standard level of training for governors and their effectiveness is a quality issue. There should be a quality standard, however that is actually framed.

“There needs to be a decent induction process and ongoing training. By April 2012 we would want to have a very clear idea of where it is going. It is important to make sure governors are fulfilling their role in the transition time.”

Ms Carr-Brown also called for a governor presence on health and wellbeing boards.

She told HSJ it was important there should be a provider presence on the local authority-run boards, and that this would help ensure local accountability.