A hospital has apologised after a female patient nearly had her nine month old baby snatched from the ward in which she was staying.

Alice Rawson was in Lincoln County Hospital when a woman walked in and attempted to abduct her son Ethan from an adjacent room.

Ms Rawson, 25, from Lincoln, said at first she presumed the woman who had picked up her child was a nurse. But after the woman walked out of the room with him in her arms she realised he was being abducted and rushed to challenge the stranger.

She told the Lincolnshire Echo: “I heard someone walk in and I presumed it was a nurse. I turned round to see a lady who had got Ethan out of his cot and was walking out of the room.”

After confronting the would be abductor, Ms Rawson managed to take back her son without incident.

A spokeswoman for the hospital said: “We apologise for any distress caused by the incident. We have quite strict procedures and she couldn’t have got out because you have to be buzzed out of the ward by a member of staff.

“Obviously we are looking into it to see if any lessons can be learnt and we are continuing to update our security.”