A Bristol hospital has announced a range of “robust” changes to its prescription practices after a consultant killed a patient by accidentally administering a chemotherapy dose four times higher than the recommended limit.

An inquest jury also found that pharmacy staff at the hospital had contributed to the death of Anna McKenna, 56, by failing to screen or challenge the dosage - a problem Frenchay Hospital says it has now resolved by ensuring that two pharmacists look at each course of medication prescribed.

Mrs McKenna developed renal failure and died just three weeks after her first treatment session for bone marrow cancer.

The mother of five was diagnosed with Myeloma in March 2006 and put on a four day course of Idarubicin. But instead of getting 60mg of the drug over the course of four days, she was given 60mg on each of the four days.

Dr Jacqueline James admitted to accidentally overdosing Mrs McKenna, with the jury returning a verdict of “manslaughter by gross neglect”.