An inquest into the death of one of four babies to die at a leading hospital in a matter of months following heart surgery, will be held on Wednesday.

Nathalie Lo was 23 days old when she died after having heart surgery at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford last December.

Children’s heart operations were suspended at the unit in March after three other babies subsequently died. They had all been treated by the same surgeon, Caner Salih.

A government review published earlier this month recommended that no more paediatric cardiac surgery should be carried out at the hospital, concluding it was the least likely out of 11 centres in England to meet new quality standards.

The NHS Safe and Sustainable review team said the hospital was last “by a significant margin” but proposed that it be allowed to continue to provide specialised cardiology services for children.

The review followed a damning report in July which highlighted issues at the Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust, including attempts to “restrict” knowledge of problems following the deaths.

The investigation, conducted by the South Central Strategic Health Authority said Mr Salih, who has since left the hospital, was not to blame for the deaths.

Nathalie’s mother Aida, of Balfour Road, Oxford, has previously said she wants to know exactly how her daughter’s death came about, saying it was “a big shock” to learn that other babies had died at the same hospital.

The inquest is due to take place in Oxford this morning.