Just 299 people and organisations responded to an NHS survey on which metrics should be used to measure quality of care.

All health service clinicians and managers were invited by the Department of Health and the Information Centre in November to say what they thought of 465 indicators as part of a broader consultation on the quality framework.

Only three respondents answered questions on all of the measures, according to a report on the survey by the Information Centre.

The report said respondents were “very keen to be involved in the future development and refinement of the indicators, recognising in their comments the need for the indicators and the input from the various professional groups to encourage balance and utility”.

However, it added: “Though supportive of the aims and outputs from the survey respondents were very critical of the tool chosen and its complexity.

“Users were also very keen to ensure that the indicators were supported by evidence to underpin and justify their inclusion, that they reflected the clinical context and that they did not encourage displacement by their introduction.”

Details on individual measures are on the Information Centre website.