We’ve all got guilty pleasures that are bad for our health and this week there is another one to add to the list.

It has emerged that you are dicing with death if you play the lottery. Camelot’s old catchphrase: “It could be you” takes on a whole now meaning now that we learn that, as the Daily Star put it: “Lottery win is bad for your health – official.”

According to the paper, “many winners ruin their health with excessive partying, smoking and drinking”. Plenty of pun fodder, though. “Why a jackpot win cuts your chances in the lottery of life” was how the Daily Mail headlined the story, while the Star continued: “The bigger the win, the more at risk they are – and some even become so unhealthy that their number’s up years earlier than it should be.” Who’d have thought it?

Meanwhile, with the warning that the number of people contracting swine flu could reach 100,000 every day by the end of next month, the papers have made the most of H1N1’s first celebrity victim: that ginger bloke from the Harry Potter films. Twenty year old Rupert Grint apparently had to stay away from the set for several days last week, as reported in the Daily Express, The Sunday Times, The People and The Independent on Sunday. He must be really proud that a “mild bout” of swine flu has given him the first opportunity to take up more column inches than his Hogwarts co-stars.

The virus has also raised the profile of chief medical officer Sir Liam Donaldson, described as “the nation’s own flu fighter” in a lengthy Observer interview. “He is a private man, and even those who work with him know very little about his family or interests,” the paper says.

Presumably his relatives know how to use the security settings on Facebook.