Mid Staffordshire Foundation Trust has released a report into the conduct and performance of its previous chief executive Martin Yeates.

Martin Yeates formally resigned in May, after the trust’s board received the report, written by former Department of Health official Peter Garland.

The report says leadership and management of the trust improved after Mr Yeates arrived

Mr Yeates had stepped down from his post in March, days before the Healthcare Commission published its initial highly critical report on “appalling” standards at Mid Staffordshire Foundation Trust.

However, the trust has previously declined to publish Mr Garland’s findings, despite pressure from the government, and refused Freedom of Information Act requests for the report.

The document was finally released in the public domain last week - apparently on the orders of its new chief executive Antony Sumara, former NHS Interim Management and Support chief executive, who took over at the trust in August.

The report says leadership and management of the trust had improved after Mr Yeates arrived, but confirms the massive failures reported by the Healthcare Commission.

It says: “We accept… action has been taken to tackle many of the issues raised by the [commission]. We also accept that the leadership of the trust has in many respects improved since 2005 [when Mr Yeates joined], and particularly since 2008.

“But we have not seen or heard evidence to subvert the [commission’s] findings that there were significant failures in the leadership and management of the trust over the period of care, and these contributed to poor clinical care.”