The Department of Health has proposed that quality accounts will not include any mandatory clinical or performance data.

The next stage review said all providers should produce the documents alongside annual reports from next year to create a more “transparent NHS”. They would help patients make informed choices, clinical teams benchmark performance and providers agree improvement priorities.

We are trying to get organisations to think of good ways of measuring what they are doing

Sir Bruce Keogh

Organisations including the King’s Fund have previously called for some clinical measures to be included in all accounts, along with benchmarking data, to allow patients to compare.

But proposals in a consultation document published last week suggest this will not be the case. The proposals say organisations would have to name nine indicators - three each in safety, clinical effectiveness and patient experience - for inclusion, but these would be self-chosen. Organisations will also choose whether to include benchmark information on performance so readers could make a comparison.

They will have to say how many of their specialties and services they have reviewed for quality, how many national clinical audits they have taken part in and report on their involvement in research and innovation. Accounts will have to include information on data quality, including the organisation’s clinical coding error rate.

NHS medical director Sir Bruce Keogh said: “We are trying to get organisations to think of good ways of measuring what they are doing. We will get something that is much better than if we prescribe it.”

The DH is also not proposing that quality accounts should be independently audited.