The barrister overseeing the reviews of Jimmy Savile’s involvement with the NHS is seeking evidence from staff on celebrity association with organisations.

Kate Lampard, the former NHS South of England chair, was asked by the government to ensure the separate reviews of Savile’s access to patients and premises at Leeds General Infirmary, Stoke Mandeville Hospital and Broadmoor Hospital were carried out in a thorough and robust way.

The second stage of her work is to identify lessons to be learned by the NHS. As part of this she has written to trusts, clinical commissioning groups and local authorities, seeking input from staff on the key themes emerging from the reviews: celebrities, complaints and whistleblowing, safeguarding and governance.

Issues under consideration are the value to NHS organisations of fundraising by celebrities and the privileges accorded to them, as well as how far the culture and policies of organisations encourage proper handling of allegations of sexual abuse

Asked whether evidence was emerging that other celebrities had been given the same sort of access as Savile – who, it is claimed, was given keys to premises belonging to all three organisations – Ms Lampard told HSJ she knew “nothing to suggest that”.

She added: “Clearly whether or not that is the case it must be right that we ask ourselves questions about these issues.”

Ms Lampard is also keen that individuals with information about Savile’s involvement with the three hospitals come forward and said she would pass on any information to the individual reviews anonymously.

She said: “I am anxious that the investigation in the three hospitals are done rigorously and well and I would urge that anyone who still has information to share about Jimmy Savile’s association with these three hospitals should do so now.”

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