Some of your responses to the HSJ and Nursing Times survey

The bureaucratic burden is more of a threat to business continuity than flu. The NHS seems to need vast numbers of detailed briefings which cannot possibly provide any useful information. It seems to be more of a “back covering” exercise.

It would be helpful if there weren’t updates each week changing what has already been put in place.

We had a look at all non-critical work a couple of months ago, and have been moving or downscaling it as necessary.

Good communication from the Department of Health but it sometimes takes ages to reach the front line. It seems to have to pass through so many different channels to reach the people who need it urgently.

The NHS is taking a responsible attitude to this serious threat, and has implemented good strategies to cope with the situation.

We are getting this all out of proportion… Let’s get a bit of perspective on the situation and stop this scaremongering.

Some media coverage has worried patients into contacting GPs inappropriately, increasing the workload unnecessarily.

There is over-anxiety fuelled by the media and DH. Using the same “worst case” scenario assumptions there are plenty of other issues which should also be focused on - but these are being ignored.